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We help our customers with complex planning of expensive resources and offer tailor made solutions to customer-specific problems. We deliver optimal scheduling.

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Efficiently matching a continuous flow of assignments with resources represents a challenge in itself. Consideration often has to be given to conflicting objectives, such as response times versus resource costs, which creates an even more complex situation. Our optimal solution balances conflicting objectives and delivers tailormade schedules.

A representative mathematical model is created based on an analysis of the problem, which is expressed as an optimisation problem that we can then solve. The challenge lies in choosing the right data to describe the problem and ensuring that the model has the right level of detail. If the model is too detailed, it becomes too expensive to use and maintain. If the model is too simple, important aspects are omitted, rendering the result unusable. This is where our skills and experience are a great asset.

We solve challenges in scheduling that

  1. Have conflicting objectives, such as resource costs versus delivery quality

  2. Are complex and cannot be solved satisfactorily using other solutions

  3. Involve expensive resources

  4. Recur, so that savings are realised on an ongoing basis


Our services

Problem analysis

Tailormade models and solutions

Software packaging

Integration with other systems

Implementation of the solution

Support and maintenance


Examples of application

Organisations with expensive test equipment that perform extensive software testing.


The developers continually develop software that needs to be tested in order to verify functionality. Tests are performed on expensive equipment, and thus it makes sense to share the expensive equipment across developers.


Optimal Solutions can deliver a scheduling engine that assigns resources to test activities in such a way that the Quality of Service for the developers is at the desired level, while using the resources as efficiently as possible.


Substantial savings (10-25%) in hardware equipment. Reliable delivery of test results for developers.

Field Service scheduling.


Service provider offers country-wide on-site service for technical equipment. The thousand engineers each make 5 – 6 visits per day. Each customer needs to have their visit within the agreed time, and the company wants to run an efficient operation minimising waste in travels.


Optimal Solutions provided a real-time scheduling platform that automatically assign visits to the best engineer, taking skills, location, traveltimes and spare-parts availability into consideration.


Travelling reduced by 20%. Engineers make one more assignment per day. Each dispatcher can handle three times as many engineers.